Used Dunlop CX200 + (2020)

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Good Condition with new grip 

With the Dunlop Srixon CX 200+, Dunlop adds an extended-length option to the CX family. Boasting the highest swingweight out of all the CX racquets, this 200+ comes fully loaded with plow through and stability, which made our team of playtesters excited to get on the court with it. With a relatively thin 21.5-mm beam and a comfortable 66 RA (Babolat RDC), this racquet offers a crisp feel at impact and helped our playtesters load their groundstrokes with mass and power. Meanwhile, the 16x19 string pattern ensures enough access to spin to keep balls loaded with bite. The CX 200+ felt a bit demanding at the net, but what it lacked in maneuverability it made up for in stability and reach. Although some struggled a bit when returning serves with this extended racquet, most of our team noted how aggressive their serves were and how they could start points on the attack. Advanced players looking to deploy big groundstrokes and even bigger serves will want to give the CX 200+ a demo.


  • Plow through
  • Stability
  • Feel


  • Demanding to swing

Bottom Line

The Dunlop Srixon CX 200+ is a weapon from the baseline and delivers big serves, but it can feel hefty to swing and is best suited to advanced players.