Head Graphene Touch Prestige Tour

Head Graphene Touch Prestige Tour

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The PRESTIGE TOUR truly lives up to its name and won't shy away from even the fastest rally on the biggest courts. It delivers the ultimate precision the PRESTIGE silo is known for and combines that with a larger head for a bigger sweet spot and more power. It also features the innovative Graphene Touch technology for an incredible touch and a solid dampened feel. Engineered in close cooperation with pro players, the PRESTIGE TOUR and its sophisticated design featuring chrome decals and see-through carbon fibre is the perfect racquet for the young aggressive player who is not afraid of the big points. 

LESS SHOCK. MORE WOW. For improved shock absorption upon impact, delivering unparalleled touch without compromising on the power level of Graphene. 

Weight 305 g / 10.8 oz 
String pattern 18/19 
Head size 99 in² 
Balance 320 mm / 8 pts HL 
Length 27.0 in 
Grip size 1-5