Prince Warrior 100 (285g)

Prince Warrior 100 (285g)

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Introducing the Warrior 100 (285g)! This racket is perfect for  the intermediate player who wants a speedy racket with easy access to power and spin. In addition to its raw speed, this racket offers above average comfort for its class. It also gives you the advantage of a CTS Beam, which is thinner in the shaft for feel, and thicker toward the tip for extra power and stability. With its great price, the Warrior 100 (285g) is one of the better values in Prince's racket line.

From the baseline this stick comes around with with lightning speed.  In addition to feeling comfortable and accurate, the open 16x19 string pattern will help you bring the ball down effectively with spin. This racket is also fast enough for chasing down balls and hitting winners on the run.At net, the Warrior 100 (285g) is great on reaction volleys, and it will help you spring into action when opportunity knocks. This racket also shines on serve where it whips through contact to deliver impressive power and precision. Ultimately, with the Warrior 100 (285g), Prince has created an outstanding racket for a wide range of intermediate players. The great price makes it very hard to beat. It also comes pre-strung for added value!!!

A mid-weight, high performance frame for players looking for comfort and stability.

HEADSIZE: 100in2 / 645cm2

WEIGHT:  285g

BALANCE: 32.5cm / 6 pts HL 


LENGTH: 27in/68.6cm


CROSS SECTION: 24-26-22 mm

RA Index: 66