Yonex VCORE 100L 7th generation
Yonex VCORE 100L 7th generation
Yonex VCORE 100L 7th generation
Yonex VCORE 100L 7th generation
Yonex VCORE 100L 7th generation

Yonex VCORE 100L 7th generation

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The VCORE 100L, now in its 7th generation and with even more spin than before, is suitable for a wide range of players from strong beginners to improving intermediates who require a spin-friendly racquet with an emphasis on lightweight manoeuvrability.

The headsize of 100 square inches will provide easier power and access to spin than the smaller head size variants (95 & 98). The weight of the frame at 9.9 ounces, being a lighter racquet, will allow players easier control of the speed of their swing to assist with spin and power generation. It's head light balance (unstrung) enhances the racquet's inherent manoeuvrability which will help the player to achieve maximum spin and to enable quick net play. The open string pattern will also enable greater spin potential, additional power and a more forgiving sweet spot. The racquet's frame has been slightly thickened from the previous edition which improves the frame's stability and power generation.

With the 2023 edition, Yonex has updated their technology set to improve spin, power generation and overall comfort. The Silicon Oil infused grommets reduces friction between the strings and grommets thereby improving snapback of the strings which increases spin potential even further than before. Yonex has further enlarged the top of the frame which combined with the usual ISOMETRIC shape brings an even bigger sweet spot especially at the top of the string bed which allows players to make proper contact at the extent of the frame for even greater swing speed and ball spin as well as improving overall power generation and comfort that comes with a bigger sweet spot. Yonex has slightly increased the flexibility of the frame for improved comfort and control. Another key improvement is the new throat design that helps to stabilize the racquet for reduced overall power loss especially on imperfect contact with the ball. Yonex has retained the 2-NAMD FlexForce Graphite for optimized flex and snapback of the frame which provides excellent overall frame response for maximum spin potential.

With the 2023 edition of the VCORE 100L, the improved response, spin and comfort should elevate this racquet as a top contender for improving players who need help generating racquet speed. Experienced players who prioritize lightweight manoeuvrability will find a home with this frame.

  • Head Size: 100 sq. inches / 645.2 sq. cm
  • Length: 27 inches / 68.58 cm
  • Weight: 9.9 oz / 280 g unstrung
  • Balance: 4 pts head light / 330 mm unstrung
  • Swing Weight: 312 strung
  • Beam width: 25.3mm / 25.3mm / 22mm
  • Flex: 66 RA
  • Tension Range: 45-55 lbs / 20-25kg
  • String Pattern: 16/19
  • Year Introduced: 2023
  • Colour: Scarlet
  • Syle #: 07VC100L