Babolat Syn Gut Force String Reel
Babolat Syn Gut Force String Reel

Babolat Syn Gut Force String Reel

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Babolat Syn Gut Force performance is attributed to its double wrap composition. The core is made of solid polyamide, which is wrapped in two layers of multiple polyamide monofilaments. By adding in a second layer, flexibility is enhanced. This provides greater power potential than other wrap strings. The whole structure is enclosed with a polyamide coating to increase durability, compared to coating-less strings. Strings with a dual polyamide monofilament sheath around the core. String structure combines power and comfort.

Double wrap polyamide structure.
Solid core wrapped in two swirls of flexible filaments provides amazing power and durability.

  • Gauge: 16 (130)
  • Material Composition: Polyamide core / filaments
  • Colour: Natural
  • Length: 660 feet / 200 meters
  • Formerly known as Babolat Powergy