Wilson Pro Sensation Overgrip 3 Pack

Wilson Pro Sensation Overgrip 3 Pack

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Check out the Pro Overgrip Sensation from Wilson, an awesome overgrip in which feel is the focus...

Used by a number of professionals on tour, you know this is an overgrip you can trust. It consists of an extra-thin construction, the Pro Overgrip Sensation is actually 25% thinner than the Classic Pro Overgrip from Wilson.

It's manufactured from a thin, stretchy felt material which provides the user with remarkable levels of feel with every single shot.

Wilson Pro Sensation Overgrip 3-Pack Black

Wilson Pro Overgrip Sensation is 25% thinner than its original version, offering ultimate feel and excellent tack for its users. The extra thin nature of this overgrip is preferred by players who want to prevent grip size build-up and maintain superb feel with every shot.